So Close

With spring quickly approaching, I was reminded of the projects that still have not been completed in my own backyard.  Once the final piles of snow melt away and the seeping sandstone dries, Chippewa Creek will be in prime season.  Right before Christmas (in this post), I made some progress on the “Ecoterrorist” project.  With some alternate beta involving a throw straight up to a sloping ledge, I got pretty close, but closeness doesn’t mean anything until the move is stuck.  “Oh yeah, I ALMOST onsighted that route, but I fell…I am really close to linking all moves, but I just get really pumped…”  Anyways, for me, once I stick the sloper, I just have to match and mantle through a dirty topout.  I also have a feeling that the face of this project is probably pretty dirty again.  I want to also thank those who were involved with cleaning this line and more importantly, building the landing.  I am extremely grateful for the amount of work that went into it while risking legal consequences of getting caught in the act (of cleaning a rock face for people to enjoy in their parks where climbing is criminalized, NOT defacing a beautiful natural feature by spray-painting profanities or your initials.  But, climbers are the real problem in Northeast Ohio parks; we should really crack down on their senseless actions that are ruining our community).  Back in December, I thought I was going to send the project; the conditions were perfect, I felt pretty strong, and I was so psyched to just go all out on it.  The result was a video of a bunch of failed attempts and feeling pretty tired.


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